Hey there!

It's great theat you came to have a look but we're in the process of redesiging and rebuilding right now.

So why is this site here?

Well, our initial thoughts were that we should leave the old site up until we had something shiny and new to put in it's place but then we took a closer look at our old site (or, rather, some other people told us the truth about it!).

We didn't feel it was fair on you to just leave you stuck with the old site while we were have fun thinking up ideas for the new one so we've decided to put up a link to our UX based blog over at loop13.wordpress.com so that you have something interesting to read while we're trying to get ourselves sorted out over here.

Why should I go there when I want to be here?

Hey! This is the internet! This is data! 'Here' is 'There' and 'There' is 'Here' - Now, we know that all sounds very meta-physical but what we basically mean is that the blog over at loop13.wordpress.com is stuff that will eventually live here within this site (Don't worry - if you subscribe to the blog we'll make sure you know when we move back here). So, you see, there really is here!

Shortcut to…

…Our UX based blog over at loop13.wordpress.com